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Who We Are

Angevin World was born in 2015 when the internet brought together two people who share a love of writing and history.

In working together, they discovered that the lush romanticism and passionate lyricism of Olivia’s European heritage had found an unexpected counterpart in the pragmatic, yet inventive, American traditions of Coleen (J.C.).

The result of this creative merging of styles is Angevin World and our much anticipated first project:  The Robin Hood Trilogy.

Co-authoring The Robin Hood Trilogy has merged Olivia and Coleen’s passions for history, culture, and technology into one unique, exciting project:

  • The Robin Hood Trilogy is tightly interwoven with actual history and includes real historical personalities.
  • The Robin Hood Trilogy celebrates a beloved English folk hero, as seen through the perspectives of a European and an American, creating a rich multi-cultural canvas for a timeless story.
  • Technology has made this long-distance collaboration possible, and it is technology that will allow the Robin Hood Trilogy to be enjoyed by people around the world.

Meet Us

Olivia Longueville prolife picture
Olivia Longueville has degrees in finance and general management from London Business School and currently helps her father run the family business.

Olivia loves historical fiction and is passionate about historical research, genealogy, and art. She has undertaken in-depth research into the history of the Valois dynasty, the French Renaissance, the Tudors, and the Plantagenets.

As an amateur historian, Olivia has chosen to explore her interests through fiction. As a writer, she is interested in creating strong and diverse characters and giving voice to stories that are unique, compelling, inspiring, and amusing.

J.C. Plummer (Jennie Coleen) graduated Summa Cum Laude from Washburn University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Anthropology.  She later earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Science from Dartmouth College.

Co-authoring The Robin Hood Trilogy has merged Coleen’s passions for history, culture, and technology into one unique, exciting project.

As an author and historian, Coleen’s goal is to provide thoughtful and entertaining storytelling that honors the past, is mindful of the present, and is optimistic for the future.

Portrait of J. C. Plummer

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