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The Robin Hood Trilogy, Book 3:  Robin Hood’s Return

England, 1154-1194

A kingdom under assault.
A conspiracy born of anarchy.
A hero standing against tyranny.

Robin and Marian are finally reunited as they confront an uncertain future.

While an increasingly reckless Prince John pursues the throne, Queen Eleanor collects an unprecedented king’s ransom. Social unrest and ruinous taxation threaten to tear England apart.

As opposing forces battle for control of the English throne, the King of France and his sinister advisor, Montlhéry, conspire to end the Plantagenet dynasty forever.

Dark secrets and unexpected revelations could destroy the future of England. The course of history hangs in the balance.

Robin and Marian must save both King Richard and Prince John. But can they prevail in the ultimate battle between the future and the past?

The thrilling conclusion to this retelling of the Robin Hood legend!

Bonus Material:

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Brief Excerpts from Robin Hood’s Return:

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