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The Odyssey of Richard the Lionheart

On the night of October 9, 1192, two dozen men stealthily navigated through the ancient streets and alleyways of Acre towards the harbor. King Richard the Lionheart and a select group of his

The Lion is Snared

Historians and history enthusiasts know the legends and tales about Richard the Lionheart, the third son of King Henry II and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. Perhaps one of the most fascinating stories

A Plantagenet Captive King

Journey from Acre and Capture The peace treaty between Richard the Lionheart and Sultan Saladin was signed on the 2nd of September, 1192.  It reestablished the Kingdom of Jerusalem, although

Coronation of Richard the Lionheart

King Richard I of England On the 3rd of September 1189, King Richard I of England known as the Lionheart was crowned as King of England at Westminster Abbey.  At the age of 32, he was still